Lost Again…

06-05-19 GCW3N9

39.429117 -75.057867

This cache popped up yesterday.  Audrey‘s log reminds me that all that fuss over FTF has certainly put me in a position of never logging them anymore.  I receive no notifications and do not check the site these days to get the jump on things like I used to.  Hence, I get to enjoy going on my own time.

There is no doubt in my mind that this cache is placed on private property.  There are posted signs everywhere here.  How many times have I been down here wanting to place a cache of my own?

That coupled with the large pill bottle, Post-It note logbook without a plastic bag, and the general crap in the cache, one can really appreciate Rob‘s comment in the cache description:

I got lost on the way to a local cache. As always, I try to leave something in my wake.

Anyhow, coordinates were good and the cache was easily found.

I heard dirt bikes nearby as I wrote in the logbook.

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