SCC Inefficiency

The Schools Construction Corp. (SCC) is broke. It blew through $8.6 billion of taxpayer money and completed about one-third of the projects it was supposed to have completed. But that doesn’t keep it from bollixing up education in the Garden State.

When the state Supreme Court mandated full day preschool be offered in all Abbott districts, Millville Public Schools scurried to find classroom space. It resolved that problem by renting 18 trailers from SCC. These were set up in the parking lot of Holly Heights School on Rt. 49. For three years, Millville provided preschool from these trailers.

Eventually, the city with the help of SCC opened the Holly Child Family Center at Wheaton Village. With the program having moved, the trailers at Holly Heights were now empty.

Millville Senior High is overcrowded. Millville requested that they move the trailers from the elementary school to the high school. SCC said it would move the trailers. But SCC is broke and cannot afford to move the trailers.

Millville offered to pay to move the trailers across town. But you guessed it, dear reader, the SCC said only it can move the trailers. Because it is broke, the trailers sit abandoned displaying the gross inefficiency of the system.

If I were grand poohbah, I would sue SCC to remove their abandoned property from city property. This is the agency that Governor Corzine wants to entrust with more of your tax dollars.

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  1. The city should just grab the trailers and move them.

    What’s the old saying? Better to ask forgiveness than seek permission?

    NJ Fiscal Folly

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