06-06-16 GD60-CYYW

39.6652 -74.7366

I am on vacation and dropped Beetle off at school. This was her last day and the class was going to celebrate her birthday later in the morning. Having some time to kill, I drove up to Hammonton to get this dashpoint.


On the way I realized I was going to need gasoline. I found $2.829 per gallon and the truck took exactly $50 worth. Sigh . . . the price of playing games.

I drove through the center of town, out Central and hooked up with 542. Past the house that has been sans its facing forever, a few kilometers down the road I turned left onto Columbia.

This is blueberry country folks. I do not know hoe far they are shipped, but the blueberries I used to eat when I lived in Boston came from here. Hammonton touts itself as the “Blueberry Capital of the World”.

I got to the road I wanted only to find out it is private. Most of the other roads through the berry fields are open, but this one is posted clearly.

Stymied 1.13 kilometers away. There is no other approach unless I rent an aircraft. The fields here are adjacent to the Hammonton Municipal Airport, so I guess it’s a possibility, but one that will have to wait for another day.

I did see a low flying bi-plane overhead. Perhaps someone else was trying to score.

By the by, the berries are quite plump here.

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2 thoughts on “GD60-CYYW”

  1. Did you sample some berries?

    I sure wish they were affordable in our part of the country. I remember how good the Jersey berries were.

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