Toto, I have a feeling we’re stuck in Kansas

06-06-23 TCJ2

39.277517 -100.943417

I trudged all the way from the swamps of Jersey to this one. It was a long hike.

‘Twas out traveling today and ended up in Leawood Park after filling up in Missouri. It was a warm day and we did not jump in the pool. The cache was found, but not without the running commentary from my brother-in-law about each branch of poison ivy, stinging nettles, and other obstacles to avoid. Being in shorts and the cache being surrounded by this, despite the caution (and jokes), my legs were covered. Fun stuff!

Everyone had great fun pointing to my legs, photographing each bump and welt, etc. We went to the poolhouse and I washed up. The cache has been re-hidden at the above coordinates.

I always enjoy finding ammo boxes so thank you for the hunt.

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