Wichita – in a Nutshell

06-06-23 GC9F39

37.685733 -97.344733

Well, this cache is a tale to tell.

I visited Kansas City from Jersey. I had a rough going getting out because of an interview I apparently had no shot at. I dragged for a day and flowers22 kept us busy. All the while she was hellbent on driving three hours south to cache Wichita. Go figure . . .

I hadn’t planned the day’s outing well and our day/night wasn’t as smooth as it should have been. We had struck out at a cache, gone to find another and spent an inordinate amount of time searching for a poorly laid out night cache. I was disappointed, tired, and hungry.

I spoke up and said let’s get something to eat. We stopped at Spangles and I was less than thrilled with my burger and fries. flowers22 wanted me to see a marker for the Chisholm Trail. We drove back through Wichita and found it. It’s on the western part of the city. We snapped a couple photographs and then went back across the street.

I mentioned that I suspected we had just seen everything we needed to log this virtual. We ate and left a tired Parker in the van. We crossed back over and tried to remain clear of the one guy sitting there next to a rock we needed to see.

We put all the information together and went back to the truck for the long ride home.

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