Corzine Is Out of the MainstREAM

To fully understand just how little consideration that Governor Corzine has for the taxpayers of this state, one needs to look any further than the NJ legislature. New Jersey is controlled by Democrats. Corzine is a Democrat and Democrats control both the Assembly and the Senate in Trenton.

Yet, there is little hope that state government will meet its constitutional obligation to have a balanced budget in place by the end of the day on 30 June.

The biggest sticking point is Corzine’s proposal of a 16% raise in the state sales tax from six to seven cents. The $1.1 billion expected to be generated from this move is to grow government. That is how New Jersey’s budget increased 9.2% from $28 billion to $31 billion.

The Assembly has refused to go along with this plan.

Lest it be overlooked, I applaud the resistance. Assembly Democrats are asking for spending cuts. I concur with that demand.

Senate president, Dick Codey proposed a plan to take half the $1.1 billion to be raised by the sales tax increase and return it to the taxpayers. Corzine seems to like the idea:

It is a proposal that has merit and should, I hope, bring some basis for discussion

That proposal is unacceptable. If the sales tax is needed as Corzine has stated all along, then siphoning off half of it at this late hour shows he has not been honest in the need for the tax increase. And returning it to the taxpayers opens up the slippage issue. It is far better not to collect the tax to begin with.

That Corzine is losing this battle and cannot get what he wants when his party controls both houses shows how out of touch with the mainstream he is. Compromising to raise tax dollars that this administration will be in charge of executing is frightening. Corzine has instilled absolutely no confidence that he can accomplish anything. His leadership is non-existent.

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