Constitutional Mandates & 800-Pound Gorillas

I keep reading how New Jersey is constitutionally bound to pass a balanced budget by midnight tonight. When I search the New Jersey State Constitution, I find no such language. I probably have missed it. If you can point me to that I would be most appreciative.

In my search, I came across this gem:

Spirited discussions and disagreements about how best to fund state services should not be hindered by the shadow of a potential government shutdown looming on the horizon.

That is the opinion of state assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) who proposed continuing resolution legislation when he and his colleagues miss the budget deadline which may or not be constitutionally mandated. I could not disagree more.

It is not like the 30 June deadline is “early” this year. It is not as if the battle this year was unexpected.

No, 30 June comes on the same day every year. There was plenty of time to debate the issues involved. It appears that rather than giving it its full attention, state legislators have been distracted.

Furthermore, the specter of shutting down the government should sit like the 800-pound gorilla in the corner. Perhaps that would help nudge Mr. Wisniewski and his colleagues to take this responsibility more seriously.

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