Feelgood Legislation

NJ state assmblyman Jeff “I Never Met a Bill I Didn’t Sponsor” Van Drew has sponsored more needless legislation. Last week, a bill he sponsored with the equally hapless Nelson Albano, former television reporter Paul Moriarty, and Doug Fisher, to re-name Rt. 55 to Veterans Memorial Highway passed the Assembly. To become law, more squandered time is needed of our elected officials in the Senate before Governor Corzine has an opportunity to sign the bill.

Hmmm . . . let’s see. Today is 30 June. What needs to happen today? That’s right. New Jersey, by law, has to pass a balanced budget. Is that likely to happen?

Van Drew is not a leader. In this time of immediate need, he is running around re-naming roads. While I am certain the veterans of this state will remember the act on election day, perhaps the rest of us should too . . . particularly the state workers who will be told not to come to work next week because the budget is still not settled.

Van Drew “represents” Cumberland and Cape May counties. Does he recognize how many of his constituents work in Atlantic City?

How then can he lollygag on the budget with this nonsensical legislation? The appellate courts in NJ have determined that casino inspectors are non-essential employees. No inspectors means casinos cannot operate. If state government shuts down like it should if no budget is reached by midnight, that means Van Drew’s constituents are out-of-work.

Despite retroactive pay being guaranteed (thanks Enlighten), is this representation that we want? Budgets or re-naming highways? Where is Van Drew when he is needed?

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  1. Not to be outdone with feelgood legislation, Berkeley, CA has decided to spend $10,000 of taxpayer money asking voters this November whether or not President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be impeached.

    No, you have not forgotten your civics lessons; only Congress has impeachment powers. Nevertheless, Berkeley will squander its residents’ tax dollars asking this question.

    Each member of the Berkeley City Council who voted for this measure should be removed from office. Remember that in the ballot box.

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