Torricelli Sued

Why would a company want a former senator who was investigated for ethics violations on its board? Apparently because he is the right man for the job.

What job?

Robert Torricelli, former senator of New Jersey who quit his re-election bid less than two months prior to the election in 2002, sits on the board of CareOne. According to a lawsuit filed by CareOne’s president and CEO Daniel Straus’s administrative assistant, Torricelli was hired to create a hostile workplace.

In an e-mail that Straus sent, according to the lawsuit:

“Straus admitted that he had directed defendant Torricelli to snoop around into the plaintiff’s relationship,” the lawsuit says. “With the aiding and abetting of defendant Torricelli, (Straus) created a hostile work environment” that was “sexually and gender based.”

Apparently, Strauss wanted to get rid of his administrative assistant and sought Torricelli’s help. Torricelli is being sued for his role in this.

I do not know the veracity of this claim, but it goes to show that when one associates with unethical people, things happen.

Why would anyone hire Torricelli to do anything? What positive traits can he bring an employer? I wonder the same about former governor Jim McGreevey.

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