Matt’s Return

06-07-17 GCRTAM

39.230317 -75.003417

Rob adopted my Matt’s Landing cache. I gather it went missing. That seems odd as it is not exactly out in the open. I suspect someone wanted an ammo box.

Anyhow, this one seemed to be a slightly different area and Rob spoke of a parking area, so I went there and approached only to find out that this was pretty much where my cache had been. Perhaps it was 15 feet away.

I am not certain I would have found this had it not been exposed. Lots of places to hide that container, but I am not complaining.

This approach is much more difficult. While there is a “trail” it disappeared immediately and the entanglements are prickly. On the way back to the truck I got lost for a moment.

I did spot some nice wild raspberries on the trail right at the entrance to the lot that I did not see on the way in.

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