Schips Ahoy !- MOORE than just a BEACH

06-07-17 GCQ71F

39.19765 -74.95065

I thought Moore’s Beach was Reed’s Beach. So when I read about the treachery of getting here and viewing the aerials in Google Earth, I was confused.

I drove past the “recommended” parking, but didn’t go too far. I think I could have negotiated most of the puddles, but why chance it and why not enjoy the hike?

Unfortunately, the hike wasn’t far for this one and this cache provided absolutely nothing that the other cache out here would not have . . . save the smiley.

This cache is the epitome of the uninspired. One places a cache in a location. But knowing few will seek it because it is difficult to get to, he places one along the way. Now, because there are two caches to find more people will show up.

Anyhow, the cache is nothing great either. The container is latched onto a bush. It is not disguised well and has a torn plastic bag over it. This hearkens back to my early days of caching.

Nevertheless, the views along here are gorgeous. Again, they would have been seen on the way to the other cache.

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