Apparently, I am a reject . . . or more aptly put, my truck is.

My inspection was July. Nothing other than pure procrastination kept me from going through inspection before the afternoon of the last day. I waited about 65 minutes before they took me and at least 20 minutes for the process.

I should have gone earlier, but I needed to attend to something on the truck that would have failed it. I did that today, picked up the truck from the shop and drove right to the inspection station.

In the end, I got a rejected sticker. Sigh . . . it’s no biggy, though. My gas cap isn’t sealing properly so there is a leak of emissions. The guy told me to buy a new gas cap and all would be right with the world. I asked him when was best to come back through. Mid month it will be, although I’ll get the cap tomorrow.

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