Not a Train

39.64245 -74.667733 (disguised)

This geocache is now archived.

Solve the puzzle below to discern the location of the cache.


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One thought on “Not a Train”

  1. Unfortunately, this cache did not pan out the way it was intended. I am very much of the thought that good puzzles are simple, but challenging. I came up with this puzzle about two years ago and finally decided to employ it with this cache.

    I originally listed it at While a couple people looked at it, there are no area players there and it soon was evident it was going to languish there.

    After I decided to re-visit with my listings, I decided to list this one there. Initially, there were a few people working on it, but then there was a lull. In January 2008 I re-joined SJG. That seemed to spark interest in this cache. Many folks e-mailed me about it. I do not provide information about my puzzles other than what I place on the listing page. That seemed to bother a few people. While I respond to all e-mail, I did not give information. That prompted one person to state I was harassing her. With that I went dormant. The entitlement attitude made it no fun for me.

    Then there was the guy who posted to let someone find it on his own b4 clues were asked for, then turned around and publicly requested help in solving the puzzle. Eight minutes later the solution was posted on an international forum.

    I archived the cache at that point, although I left it listed here. I took a lot of heat for not wanting the solution to my puzzle being public. Folks commented they would ignore my caches from here on out. Somehow I was again blamed for having done . . . I haven’t a clue what. It really was humorous. After four years, all I did was list a cache for others to find. Because I would not tell them how to solve the puzzle, I was once again ostracized and even called an ass. The event actually helped me grow.

    I note that the cache was available for another year and no one found it.

    Since I will not be employing this type of puzzle again, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to share what this was.

    Just as it looked, it was scrambled GC#s. Many folks were on that path, but hadn’t gone past how others had set up similar ones. Thinking it was too easy to list the GC#s, I scrambled each. So, there were seven Jumbles to solve. Six of them were to caches that were on railroad tracks. One was not, hence, not a train.

    With that, can you now determine the coordinates?

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