Most Users Ever Online


This geocache is now archived.

As of the listing of this scavenger hunt, the most users to ever populate the fora at one time was on Thursday 16 December 2004 @ 10:32 pm. There were 28 users online then.

Your task for this scavenger hunt is to be one of the online users when the new record is set.

The Particulars
* Upload a photograph of your computer monitor displaying the fora that includes your terracaching handle when the record is set. That means if you hide your online status, you’ll need to change your settings so your handle is visible.
* Your GPSr with the time shown or a GPSr and clock should be visible.
* The honor system is in play here. The idea is for you to be online when the record is set and to document that you were.

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One thought on “Most Users Ever Online”

  1. Observant players will notice that the record has twice been set since this hunt was posted. A couple weeks ago the number moved to 30. This past Sunday, very quietly, the record was set at 37.

    Perplexed that no one had logged a find during these record setting events, I checked with TPTB to verify the veracity of the record. There had been a false record back in August that AK confirmed. I have been informed that both the 30 and the 37 records were legitimate.

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