Public Workers & Medical Benefits

Perhaps we are not working from a common set of understandings.

Reading the Daily Record article about changes to teacher medical benefits that the state wants to make, I realize that the changes proposed would affect me not at all.

The changes would bump the co-pay for a doctors’ visit from $5 up to $10 for teachers and local workers

I do not know where the co-pay of $5 for a teacher comes from, but I assure you I am paying more than that currently. You want to mandate a $10 co-pay? Great. It will create a savings for me.

This is why when folks begin to blame the medical costs of public workers for all their troubles, I wonder if they actually have the facts. Many of us are already contributing to the pot. As soon as my daughter begins to go to the dentist, I’ll let you know how great teacher medical benefits are.

Yup, property tax reform will be made by lowering my co-pay to $10. I welcome that kind of reform.

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