Report Shows NJ AG Violated Ethics Code

Embattled New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber is feeling the heat. She was denied a seat on the New Jersey Supreme Court because of her driving record. Her total disregard for the state’s laws made it so she could not be confirmed to serve as a judge, at least according to then governor McGreevey.

But that did not stop Governor Corzine from making her the top lawyer in the Garden State. But position does not change one’s behavior and it didn’t take long for the poor driving AG to get into a hotter pot.

A few months ago her boyfriend was pulled over. It seems his driver’s license was suspended (one of 10 times, apparently). He called the AG, who rushed over in her chauffeured state vehicle to the traffic stop. The vehicle he drove was improperly licensed and his license was suspended (apparently, it should not have been at the time, but it was). Nevertheless, he was permitted to drive away in the vehicle. Then the boyfriend’s troubles disappeared.

Ms. Farber doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

I did nothing wrong when I went to the aid of a loved one.

Special prosecutor Richard J. Williams thinks differently. Today he released his report on the case.

Her conduct does raise significant ethical questions that must be addressed.

Williams documented three breaches to the New Jersey ethics code Farber broke.

Governor Corzine cannot fire Farber. Perhaps that is something these special committees can look at when it reviews the state constitution. Nevertheless, it is time for Farber to go. All Corzine needs to do is state he has no confidence in Ms. Farber for the axe to fall.

Absent that, we citizens need to rely upon the corrupt Legislature to step up. Governor, it is time to cut your AG loose.

And part of my motivation to run for Governor is that this state’s reputation is at risk – as a result of repeated episodes of corruption, favoritism and fraud.

I want to restore people’s trust in what should be the people’s government.

We can, and I will, lead this state on the path of honest, open, and effective government

Do you recall the above, Governor Corzine? You got yourself elected on that pledge.

This is one campaign promise that you can keep without raising my taxes.

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2 thoughts on “Report Shows NJ AG Violated Ethics Code”

  1. It looks like the governor is taking my advice. According to, Corzine has asked for her resignation.

    Gov. Jon Corzine has rescheduled his 4PM new conference to 6PM.

    Sources say that Gov. Jon Corzine will call for the resignation of his Attorney General at a 4PM news conference, but that Zulima Farber has so far resisted pleas from several longtime friends that she step down before the Governor is forced to make a public statement. (08/15/06)

    Wally Edge says she is resisting.

    Zulima Farber is strongly resisting advice from friends that she resign quickly, according to a source close to the Attorney General. In an interview last month, Farber had told NJN’s Michael Aron that she would step down if the Special Prosecutor concludes that she should.

    Doesn’t she know her time is up?

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