Big Girl Panties

Today, our precious girl went the whole day in big girl undies with no accidents! She used the potty several times. One time we heard a noise. Upon inspection, Beetle had emptied her potty into the big potty all by herself. As frustrating as this process has been for Mommy, it looks like it is beginning to show dividends.

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4 thoughts on “Big Girl Panties”

  1. Yes, today was day four with big girl panties. Yesterday she had a little accident, but most ended up in the potty. When we were in Maryland, etle requested potty at a resturant and did pee pee on the big potty in a strange place! Way to go Beetle.

  2. Beetle,

    This is your Daddy. Much like when you were younger and there were discussions about your poopy, Daddy does not have any thoughts about your underwear. Except to say that as long as I am paying for it, the washing of it, and/or the roof over your head, your underwear will be normal and not thong-like.

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