VX01-ABIF: Faroe Islands

39.54467 -74.76910

Sigh . . . I didn’t think we were going to strike out on this one.

After the Bhutan flag, Beetle and I zigged and zagged to go north. There is no direct route to that here. Things were improved once we dumped the red Jeep Wrangler towing a boat that was tailgating us all over the place. We crossed 322, past Weymouth Furnace and up toward Makepeace.

I entered the woods on the left side of the road onto a hardpack road (Creek Road). It was full of potholes, but all was well. Only one of them had the truck slip.

A few miles in the road I looked for was missing in the direction I wanted to go. So much for my maps. I took the next road only to be stymied by a gate and Posted signs. I pulled out and then made an attempt from every conceivable direction. All other roads were equally posted and gated. It appears this land is owned by the Atlantic Blueberry Company.

It would be easy enough, I suspect, to get to the flag otherwise. The closest we got was .84 kilometers.

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