VX01-ABIQ: Honduras

06-10-01 VX01-ABIQ

39.28211 -74.94331

This was our first successful flag in this game.

After our visit to the penitentiary, we headed down Buckshutem, over the Maurice River, and then down 347 to Hunter’s Mill Road. Hunter’s Mill is a prominent hardpacked road in the area that serves as a useful cut-through in the area. It was just about a half kilometer in from 347.

The flag played just off the road. Beetle wanted help getting over the mound, but once in the woods, had a blast. She waved our flag around and around. She was excited to have staked our claim.

The leaves are just beginning to turn here in South Jersey.

We dedicate this hunt to Rosanna, a friend of mine from years ago back in college. She was from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I had the pleasure of playing in the very first snow she ever saw.

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