R.I.P. Geo. Cash

06-11-17 R.I.P. Geo. Cash

This geocache is now archived.

The concrete place on Delsea Drive in Vineland just north of the mall made this for me from a scrap piece of stone they had. The idea was to place this like Tom‘s caches that had employed tombstones. I didn’t get around to it.

At some point I gifted it to Audrey.

A couple years later, I believe, she hadn’t placed it and I got it back. I believe I placed it near the South Jersey Poker cache in Union Lake WMA. I don’t think I listed it on any of the sites, but I may have. I certainly would have listed it here, but I can’t find the details. 🙁

I do know that at some point when I began cleaning up the caches I had in place, I went back for this. I found the ammo can but not this stone. 🙁 I gave Rob many ammo cans.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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