IE 7.0

Despite being a very happy Firefox user, I finallly installed IE 7.0. I actually updated it the other day on a home computer, but never ran it. Today at work I loaded it on my desktop.

I used to run into a site every now and then that pretty much needed IE. I haven’t come along that in some time now. The only reason I use it these days is that Mastercook has a utility to import recipes from the web that is only available for IE. When I get to a page with such a recipe, it is easy enough to right-click|View in IE and then capture the recipe. For this alone, I upgraded.

Of course, at work I do not have that need. 🙂 I played around for a few minutes today.  One thing I relish about the upgrade is that IE now renders .png images properly.  I was tired knowing that most visitors here who used IE have always seen an ugly blue box around my logo.  It looked horrible in IE.  At least MSFT got up-to-date in that regard.

So, if you still see that image improperly, upgrade to IE 7 . . . or better yet, download Firefox.

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