Geared Up

06-11-30 Geared Up

Beetle was geared up tonight when she arrived home. Who could blame her though? She was the only student today who earned a prize. She listened perfectly during circle time. Apparently, everyone else did not.

Mommy picked up our little girl as Daddy awaited the Lowes moving truck. They arrived early . . . too early as we had not procured the proper size wrench yet to untether the POS gas stove from the gas line. Just then Mommy arrived with not only Beetle, but proper tools.

It was a simple process to untether, remove, and replace. But the movers scared us about hooking up the gas line, so we are waiting until tomorrow when Poppy can lend a hand. No use in blowing up the house, we thought.

So, with a new gas range and microwave sitting there doing no good, we thought we would dine out. It’s been a rough week. We headed to Texas Roadhouse. Beetle did not stop yammering the entire time.

Blah blah this. Blah blah that. Today she may have earned a prize, but we know we will hear about her incessant talking from future teachers. We had a fun night out. Beetle had a cheeseburger, Mommy had a cheeseburger, Daddy had ribs. And the best sweet potato ever!

The Abster was exhausted and after just a little squawking, fell soundly asleep. Her parents were not too far behind her.

Looking forward to the weekend . . .

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