Terracaching Anniversary

Today is my second terracaching anniversary. What began as a promising endeavor has turned into nothing more than disappointment. There are no caches within an hour of me. Nevertheless, over these two years I have sought several caches elsewhere. The Mystic Island cache is very good. Some others were fine, but nothing to compel the several hour drive. Many others were disappointing.

At this point, there is nothing drawing me to the site.

AK has not posted in more than two and one-half months. All we hear is that he is working on a new version of the site. Yet, when folks dig, all the new version appears to be is a cosmetic change. Perhaps John’s proposal for TPS will be adapted, but as I have demonstrated, that doesn’t even remedy the overriding issue. Even so, there are no caches to hunt.

I went through the place them and they will come period. Frankly, I have held on much longer than I anticipated. The ratings system discourages placing caches. One cacher is able to cause a cache’s MCE to lose 18% of its value. Another cache that had languished despite two finders’ excellent ratings is now back to normal. It took several posts to point out the problem. I believe someone intervened to move the stuck formula. There is no other way to explain it, but again, no one ever says anything.

There are problems everywhere that are ignored. The sponsorship mechanism doesn’t work correctly. The premium membership mechanism doesn’t work properly. The perception is still that the site is a renegade site (reg, req.). Others perceive the game to be just about dead (reg. req.). That fits with others who do not expect the site to last. Casual observers (reg. req.) note that cross-posting is undesired, yet when it happens (reg. req.), sponsors state there is no reason to refuse a cache.

The system is built for a 100-cache area. That most areas are not there after two years is not a concern. The system works “properly” if enough caches are placed. If an area has not caught on, TC.com offers nothing but discouragement. That’s it in a nutshell.

The only reason I am still logging in there is to approve caches of my sponsorees. I am running a contest for these folks that will last until St. Patrick’s Day. Once that is over and I complete the obligation I have there, I do not expect I will be active. Some of my caches will be converted to other listing sites and a few will be archived. Should I be notified someone places a terracache in my area, I will seek it, but I don’t expect that to be actually occur.

Yes, on this two year anniversary, expectations are low for this alternate caching site.

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4 thoughts on “Terracaching Anniversary”

  1. Ah, my four-year anniversary. There’s not much to remark, however. We hit the 100-cache saturation. It didn’t change anything.

    This summer there was a flurry of virtuals listed. Every lighthouse seems to now be a virt. Someone from Florida even listed those in the middle of the Delaware River.

    The MCE system is still horribly broken. The owner is not around and simple things are not even acknowledged. I play now, once again, on GC.com and just observe what’s happening at TC.com.

  2. The last time I logged into TC.com was in the middle of July. It’s possible I have missed out on some fabulous caching. That would be my lost. I do know that the site has not changed any. It’s been more than three years since it was announced the site was going to be re-vamped. Since, things have broken, but nothing has improved. It’s evident that AK abandoned the project. Sad . . .

  3. A year ago AK bailed on this site. Cash108 took over. I created a new account to check things out. It’s been just about a year since Cash took over. Absolutely nothing has changed. The site looks exactly the same. There are still no caches in the area. Cash does post, but when I asked him to share the formulae for how the game is played, he refused.

    Way back in the beginning, once I realized I was incorrect that TC.com was about building a database of excellent caches, which is what I was mistakenly told it was, I accepted it was a game. Like any game I play, I sought how the game is played. When the owners of the site will not share with their customers the “unknown” formulae, it’s merely a guess as to how to play.

    I’d rather not waste my time on someone else’s indulgence for profit.

  4. A look in a year later shows absolutely no progress. There was talk that the code was being re-written and then it was abandoned due to something or other. There is absolutely no difference in this site than there was when I wrote this blog six years ago. All the bloviating about this and that doesn’t change the fact the site looks, feels, and operates as it did (minus the shop and a couple snafus) six years ago.

    It’s dead, Jim!

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