Garden State


39.41629 -74.64449

This shutterspot is now archived.

This is a traveling shutterspot.

Find the location depicted and please take a photograph of the place with your GPSr in the shot to demonstrate you visited.

But your work is not done. You need to “move” this spot to another interesting location within the Garden State (perhaps a Weird NJ location, perhaps something odd/strange that you have discovered, historic, etc.). Make it an interesting spot, one that will positively impress the seeker. Once you have located such a location, take a photograph of it (sans the GPSr) and mark its coordinates.

Post your find and then contact me with the new location and coordinates so I can update the page.

Have you seen this in New Jersey?

  • Find the exact spot these photographs were taken. Post your find along with a photograph of you at the spot here.

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