What Do You Take with You When Geocaching ?

It was asked (reg. req.):

What do you take caching with you?

Most cache hunts include my Mountainsmith Rapid lumbar pack. It is from an older line. The Rapid II replaced it and that is now discounted to sell.

In it I have three compartments. The front pack is for swag. I try to have a variety of small items to swag along the way. Hitchhikers hang out here as well. I toss my spent batteries in here too so I can keep them away from the charged ones.

The middle compartment is padded and protected. That has the digital camera (Elixim EX-S600).

The back compartment is the largest. It holds the PDA, compass, reserve tp, pen, cell phone, stamp and ink pad, notepad, a good supply of charged as well as standard alkaline batteries, and my flags.

If I know I’ll be hiking, I bring my hydro pack (Cabelas-brand CamelBak. I can’t find it online.). If I am going for an extended hike, I’ll use the hydro and the lumbar.

Of course, I dress according to the weather and the season. Blaze orange is always in the truck. I keep a duffel bag with change of clothes, towels, and other warm items in case I become wet in the cold weather. I also keep a spare pair of boots back there. During the warmer months, my farmer johns are in the trunk. All this also allows me to cache without preparation, if I am so inclined. 😉

In the trunk is an ammo box that I use as dry storage when I paddle. During paddle season I try to keep that stocked so I do not have to play the rotation game. Otherwise it’s like my wife when she changes pocketbooks.

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