Do You Post a Log on eCache for Each Cache You Find?


It is my hope to have all my logs online at some point. It’s a daunting task with so many logs to add to the database. I occasionally add some from the past and once in a while, I’ll even add recent ones.

I used to have most of them online when this site was housed on an IIS server (circa 2003). As the data are stored in an Access database, that made it easier. I have not ported that database to MYSQL and my plans to do so have been placed on the “someday” list.

Frankly, it’s all I can do to get the caches logged into my database on a timely basis (just ask Gert) before I head out again without worrying about re-posting them elsewhere.

So, dear reader, not all (not even most or even a healthy portion) of my finds are listed here. Someday . . .

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2 thoughts on “Do You Post a Log on eCache for Each Cache You Find?”

  1. It’s not likely this will ever happen. I have made such a mess of things, I don’t even know all the geocaches I have found, let alone have logs for them.

    Oh well . . .

  2. With the advent of geoart and Adventure Labs, too many caches are just a smiley. No real log is made. When one logs 100s of geocaches in a series every 528′, there is no point in posting a log to this blog.

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