Congress Investigates MLB Deal with DirecTV

The man who would be president promised a close examination of the deal that puts MLB’s Extra Innings package exclusively on DirecTV.

“I will review this deal to ensure it benefits consumers,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. “I’m encouraged that Major League Baseball may be willing to provide broader access to their games than what was initially proposed. I will be watching closely to ensure the league works in good faith so that America’s pastime is available to all fans. My concern all along has been that fans continue to have the ability to enjoy baseball on television.”

Here’s the skinny, Mr. Ketchup. The deal hurts customers, but lines MLB’s pockets. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Frankly, I do not know if I want Congress to do anything.  If MLB wants to drive away its customers, it should be free to do so . . . even if baseball is our national pastime.

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