T Minus Seven Days

07-03-10 T Minus Seven Days

We are in the last week before Fritz arrives. Gert is frantic while I am calm. Gert is under the impression we have a lot left to do. To me, we are in good shape.

Today we tidied up some and then decided to re-arrange the living room. In order to make room for a pack-and-play and a swing, we thought the couch would work better along the long wall. I moved the bookcase upstairs to put in Fritz’s room.

Lunch consisted of hot dogs, cheesesteaks, and potato chips. We eat very healthy here in New Jersey.

After lunch I brought up all of the baby’s things from the basement so Gert could wash them. We have two swings, a Pappazan (sp?), a bouncy seat, two pack-and-plays, a Diaper Genie, and a car seat and three bases. Gert cleaned everything so they are ready.

Beetle enjoyed the swing. While she is far too large for it, her Dora doll fits perfectly. She enjoys pushing the doll. In addition, while we thought Beetle was too large for the car seat, she managed to get herself in it.

Toward evening, Beetle was cranky. She could so use a nap on the weekends, but won’t even consider it. Therefore, Mommy had her hands full as Beetle refused this and that. Beetle was so disagreeable, she missed out on story time and her vitamin (she considers them treats) and was put to bed. She was so tired, she went right to sleep.

Mommy and Daddy read today. I highly recommend From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, the 1968 Newbury Medal winner. I have been reading this with my students and completed it today.

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  1. Tonight I had a call from our neighbor. He wanted my technology expertise. It seems he wants to sell his $26,000 camper on eBay. My my. I said I’d take photographs, but I know nothing about selling big-ticket items online.

  2. As you re-assemble all the baby goodies in the living room, it reminds you how much STUFF babies take and how nice it is when you can start putting it away in the attic again…reclaiming your space.

    I like getting a glimpse of yor new hardwood floors. They look great.

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