Easter Eve

07-04-07 Easter Eve

Fritz is sleeping about three hours at a time through the night. He stirred at 6:30 a.m. When he did, Beetle woke up. Grrr . . . it was too early to be awake. I tucked her back in; Beetle has a habit of turning 90° during the night. I kissed her and told her to go back to sleep. Fortunately, she did.

Aunt Kitty decided on a whim to fly down for the holiday. Beetle looked forward to her arrival.

In the meantime, Mommy cleaned up some (we are learning that our little girl is the one responsible for most of the mess in this house). Daddy went grocery shopping.

Since Aunt Kitty is here, it was easy to determine to make the traditional Black Bean and Corn Easter Salsa for tomorrow. But Daddy was blind and thinking he had corn had to run out again as the creamed variety wasn’t going to cut it. Before he did, he put on a pot of chili. Daddy is perfecting his homemade recipe. It simmered for a few hours.

Beetle was happy to have a playmate today. Kitty and Beetle blew bubbles outside and ran about. As the chili simmered, Fritz and Daddy began watching the Mets-Braves game before settling into an afternoon snooze-fest. Once awoken (grrr!), Fritz was fed and Daddy made the Easter salsa.

Then it was time for eggs. Mommy had boiled many eggs and soon enough Beetle was dropping them into the dye. She did very well. The colors are very rich. Once they were dry, Beetle affixed Dora stickers to them. Tomorrow Beetle will hunt them as we will hide them later this evening.

Beetle went to bed well tonight. Afterwards, we had chili. Quite tasty, if I say so myself. I may enter the chilifest contest this year.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Eve”

  1. Happy Easter Owenses!! Your eggs are beautiful. I love family projects like this.

    That outfit looks great on Fritz; I am a real fan of the bolder colors on people where the pastels and beiges wash out the faces of most folks. Actually, I like bold colors in most places…I bet that’s why your eggs really appeal to me – they are nice & bold!

    Is that a new swing for Fritz? I don’t remember Beetle being in a BLUE swing. Did you get a new one for him?

  2. Those are Mets colors. We do not like the Mets. Blech! And he’s worn it more than once, I might add.

    Beetle had that swing too. Here she looks just like Fritz.

    Looking @ Hanging Things

  3. I was baptised on Easter Eve. I think it’s considered one of the prime baptismal days in the Episcopal Church.

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