Spring Break

07-04-09 Spring Break

It’s enjoyable to be on spring break. Unlike going to Florida, however, this break is full of waking up in the middle of the night and not really feeling rested. Fritz is a different baby than Beetle was. While Beetle cried the entire first month, she did feed well and sleep. Fritz is the opposite. He is a well-mannered boy, but he does not have Beetle’s sleep pattern and his feeding is inconsistent. This makes for grouchy parents.

Things are going well, but neither of us is at 100%.

Beetle likes to do things. She decided to cook for me. We played kitchen all morning. After a bit, I used the opportunity to play house too and we began cleaning Beetle’s room. Cleaning with a toddler is interesting. For every two steps forward, one takes at least one step backward. Eventually, however, things began to look better. Beetle grew tired at that point.

Fritz’s room is done. We like the room. The bright blue that I was very hesitant about looks nice. Gert did a wonderful job selecting colors. We had wanted a Phillies border, but the few we found we did not like. We ended up with a vintage style border. I like it a lot despite the Yankees being on it. Grrr . . .

This room is decidedly smaller than Beetle’s. It is full with a crib, two dressers, and a chair. The chair will eventually go I suppose, but the crib will become a bed. Fritz, you received short shrift when it came to your room. We have not decided on draperies yet.

For dinner, I made our cheesy lasagna. It earned only a good from my bride. It was better than that. I recommend the recipe. 😛

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  1. If you feel Fritz recevived the ‘short shrift’ with his room and you want him to have a larger place for his diaper bag, you could switch with him. I’m sure your bedroom would suit him just fine.

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