07-04-11 SH0153

39.38404 -75.52222 (disguised)

This shutterspot is now archived.

More than three years ago, I explored this area looking for a location to place a cache. I found many! As I approached this area, there was an old man unloading his truck. He owns this house sitting on the river. Nice guy. We chatted a long time. What a wonderfully secluded area.

Not too far away there used to be an observation tower, but like many, it was burned.

I come back here frequently as I love the peacefulness of the area. I haven’t seen my friend in some time though. Yet, his speedboat is docked in the water.

There are two surprises for the finders of this spot. One of them is what you’ll be standing next to. The other is at the base of the flag pole. Please do not disclose these in your log.

Enjoy this spot . . . I do.

Have you seen this in South Jersey?

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