Back to the Grind

07-04-12 Back to the Grind

After a week off, Beetle and I went back to the grind today; she to Little Acres and me to work. Sigh . . .

It was pouring rain as we left. Beetle’s OCD kicks in at times like these. Despite carrying her and rushing to the truck and getting drenched as I tucked our little girl in, she complained because her stockings had a few rain drops on them. Please . . .

Beetle was a bit needy once at school. A week off and she was out of sync. Miss Meghan was very good and got Beetle the fake vacuum cleaner. Beetle will run and cry any time the real vacuum is out, but she loves the fake one at school. Go figure . . . these are the things that make Beetle.

I picked up the fixin’s for a shrimp taco salad on the way home. It was pretty good.

Fritz did not sleep much during the day, which made for a tired Mommy. She had lots of company today as her work friends visited. Sure, she waited until we were out of the house to have a party. <lol>

After dinner Gert gave Little Miss Muffin a bath and I held the alert one. Fritz just fixates on our faces when we hold him. He is adorable.

I am trying to get into a routine of reading a bedtime story to both of the children. Unfortunately, the older one is sometimes rude. She kicked me out of her room and then would not let me read to her. Women! Eventually, she read a story to us. I took the Velveteen Rabbit for tomorrow, even if Beetle chooses not to sit in. 😛

Pretty soon I was the only one awake. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I think I could become accustomed to a two-day work week.

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One thought on “Back to the Grind”

  1. I’m not sure it’s OCD that makes Beetle upset about raindrops. Methinks she’s ‘high maintenance.’ You better work on correcting that! 😉 She’s got ‘her people’ bringing her toys and dictating the stories to be read…yes, it’s sounding pretty ‘high maintenance’ or controlling to me…oh my!

    Yay for Fritz getting his days & nights back in order. I bet Gert’s far happier to have a wide-awake-Fritz in the day rather than in the wee hours of the night. How did the Velveteen Rabbit go?

    Thanks for the updates. I enjoy seeing your children grow before my eyes even though I can’t see them in person very often.

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