New Jersey Tax Return

Not that it is surprising, but there are eight opportunities to spend money while completing the New Jersey tax return.

On page one, taxpayers are asked if we want to donate $1 of our taxes to the Gubernatorial Elections Fund. And just in case your spouse does and you don’t, there are separate checkoffs. Please.

For those of us who are overtaxed by the state, once we calculate how much the government owes us, we are presented seven selections on which to reduce our refund. Taxpayers can contribute to:

  • N.J. Endangered Wildlife Fund
  • N.J. Children’s Trust Fund to Prevent Child Abuse
  • N.J. Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Fund
  • N.J. Breast Cancer Research Fund
  • U.S.S. New Jersey Educational Museum Fund
  • Other Designated Contribution

Does anyone actually contribute to these things? Seriously.

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