AC Press Wrong to Excuse Corzine of Blame

The Press of Atlantic City is completely wrong with today’s editorial, A Ticket for Corzine? Ease up, folks.

The Press seems to think that because Governor Corzine was injured so badly he should be excused from the ticket.

People, how about some compassion here?
. . .
It’s a $46 fine; he can afford it. But don’t people have better stuff to worry about?

What The Press has forgotten is that Corzine is the head of the executive branch of our state government. The executive branch is charged with enforcing the laws of the state. One law of the state is that front seat passengers must wear a seat belt. He did not follow the law he is paid to enforce. That is the issue!

The Press further excuses the accident because governors have always been driven faster than the speed limit.

But it’s no secret that governors get driven places fast — both for sound security reasons and for scheduling reasons. The suggestion that Rasinski deserves a speeding ticket is a bit absurd; he was doing his job as that job has been done for decades.

Apparently I am mistaken that high speeds make the roads dangerous for all people. The Press disregards the innocent people who happened to be driving on the Parkway. Because it is the governor speeding in an SUV it is okay. Of course, if you or I were to drive 91 m.p.h. on the same road we would be SOL.

This is a poor editorial. The governor has a responsibility to follow the laws of the state. If he fails to do so, he deserves to be called on it. I do not fault the trooper for the governor for not wearing a seat belt. Corzine is capable of making that decision himself and suffering the consequences for that decision. Those consequences include a $46 ticket.

Is it fair to ask who is picking up the medical costs for this accident? While I am certain Governor Corzine is able to pay the medical bills outright, I suspect the taxpayers of New Jersey are footing the respirator and the multiple surgeries the governor has had. Isn’t it okay for us to expect that the governor drive a reasonable speed when he is doing the work of the people? A busy schedule is no excuse for this.

Shame on you, The Press of Atlantic City, for excusing the recklessness of this accident.

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2 thoughts on “AC Press Wrong to Excuse Corzine of Blame”

  1. According to this article, the state trooper may have been reading a nasty email on his Blackberry at that time. Add “distracted driving” to the list of problems.

  2. Indeed! There is very little that was done correctly in the vehicle of the “leader” of the state.

    I still want to know if taxpayers are footing the medical bills.

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