It Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t So Pathetic

Disgraced former governor James McGreevey is back on the New Jersey payroll. McGreevey is teaching an ethics class at Kean University.

This is the governor that lied to two wives about his sexual orientation, lied to the people of New Jersey, had arguably the most corrupt administration ever, and ended up leaving office when he was called on all this. He wanted his gay-lover to be head of homeland security in New Jersey! That he didn’t leave until too late for the people of the state to elect someone to take his place shows that contrition is still a long way away.

And yes, with McGreevey being back on the public payroll, he is building up his publicly-funded pension.

What qualifications does McGreevey have to teach an ethics class? Mr. Christie, here’s something else for you to investigate.

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