Full Tumblr: A Jigger of Opinion

For those of you visit this site to read the entries, you may have noticed over the last several days more items in the sidebar. My Web 2.0 activities have been increasing lately. I am addicted to Twitter and 30 Boxes is becoming important in my scheduling. Those along with my aNobii bookshelf, recipes, videos at You Tube, my photographs, the link blog, and del.icio.us bookmarks all have feeds that have been showing up here in some capacity.

But it’s becoming cluttered and it’s a lot for you dear reader to follow. A feed for this, a feed for that. Despite the video I shared recently explaining how to read feeds, some have expressed privately their hesitation with embracing the technology. Not to fear; there is now a solution.

Tonight I have launched Full Tumblr: A Jigger of Opinion.

Tumblr.com is a site that one can create a lifestream. A lifestream is a feed of all one’s feeds. I compile all my feeds through my account at Tumblr and it provides the feed/site for the blog posts, photographs, tweets, calendar, link blog, etc.

I then set up a sub-domain here on my site that is set up to display the contents of the feed. Think of it as one-stop shopping. As more of my content is provided via RSS, it too will display here.

Fellow geocachers: would it not be wonderful if cache logs could be displayed in such a manner? The game is behind the technology. For the record, Navicache has had a feed for a couple years now.


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  1. The Geocaching website is not the only one behind times. I would love to have an RSS feed of my Where’s George hits.

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