Goose Goose

As we pulled into the parking spot this morning, Beetle kept calling out Goose Goose and pointing to the blue minivan next to us. I looked at the van and saw no geese. I asked her about it. Goose Goose she said. She was quite animated and adamant that I look. But there were no geese.

Once again she called Goose Goose. this time I acknowledged the geese, but still saw none. Beetle picked up on my disbelief.

Then, in a more clear voice stated, Blues Clues. Ah, yes. On the back of the minivan was a sticker of a paw print for Penn State. It resembled the paw print for Blues Clues.

Then Beetle said it was blue.

If you have never seen the show, Blue, a dog, leaves three paw prints around the house that his owner finds and then interprets what it is Blue wants to do.

Beetle is so smart!

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  1. That is cute! She does like trying to find blue’s clues. She did something like that at my parent’s yesterday. Funny girl!

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