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Not much to report this evening other than I am exhausted . . . have books three and four of A Series of Unfortunate Events and am ready to read them this weekend . . . Round and round the Groundspeak fora go. FWIW, I feel reviewers should beg off FTF so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Of course, it does not affect me, but there is a huge advantage being a reviewer, despite what has been stated . . . Speaking of geocaching, it’s difficult to believe there’s any interest whatsoever in terracaching these days. The system is broken, the one guy who can do anything has been MIA for a very long time, and there seems to be no interest in improving things . . . Lucy has a big weekend in front of her 🙂 . . . Am beginning to welcome my return to the classroom. Each year at this time I am always motivated for the following school year . . . I wonder if I can convince the family to go caching before or after the christening given where it will be held now . . . I found my holster today. It had been missing . . . I am looking forward to brewing again. I am going to start out simply next week. It should be ready for when my mother visits . . . There’s a new tea room in town for the girls to enjoy . . . Hanson is still going? . . . No one wants to compete with paper airplanes . . . Scoble is pulling $400,000? Wow!

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  1. Exactly. That, and they can choose to publish when it is convenient for them to go out caching. While I suspect most reviewers are above board with this, it is far better to refrain from FTF and keep folks from even questioning the ability.

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