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RKs post today finally solidified the issues I have with his POV. Longtime readers will recall that RK calls me a parasite. Today he explains why folks who do not log online messes up the game for him:

The problem with opting in and out of stats is that it mucks things up. It’s no good if I set out to have the most finds (ignore that someone else may have more time into caching, that’s another stat we can’t yet measure…) if the one who actually has the most finds has “opted out”. In that scenario I’d look, see I was #1 beat my chest an claim the gold only to have a forum doofie point out. “oh but I know so and so who actually has 20,000 more than you do, they just don’t compete, but you are not number 1.” So much for wind in those sails.

This is the same issue as first to finds create. Read carefully, dear reader. RK cannot confidently beat my chest an claim the gold. Despite being figurative, that’s what he wants. He wants to use the statistics so he can be at the top of the heap. It doesn’t matter that others may count differently than he does. I see 11 events and 10 locationless caches. He wants to use those to thrust himself atop the mountain and beat his chest.

It seems to me that one can still compete even with ghosts in play. Once RK gets to the top of the mountain, he will know it, at least in whatever terms he defines. It is only when he brags about it that anyone might point out there are others with more.

How many times have I read those who claimed FTF on a cache knowing I was there earlier?

The lesson, RK, is not to boast of your accomplishments. Then again, folks who call others names may not be in the best position to adhere to that lesson.


Who keeps the list of the least found caches? There isn’t one

Stated so confidently. Even those who shunned me locally can attest that there was such a list here. I know skydiver used to keep a list for his area. I believe I have seen such a list on other regional sites too.

Sometimes folks proclaim things that are just not true.

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  1. Gee, I’ve been missing a lot over the years because I didn’t know that there was any gold to claim in FTF. Would that be in bullion or coins? 🙂

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