Food Thoughts

Recently there have been a few food-related thoughts popping around . . .

I purchased my second food-related item at a paint store the other day. A couple years ago I picked up some new paint cans to create seafood boils in. Now I purchased a wallpaper tray to sanitize my beer bottling equipment.

We went to Bob Evans for a Father’s Day brunch with my in-laws today. We dine here far more frequently than I am comfortable with. Looking for something a bit different, I opted for the Bob Evans Benedict. It sounded interesting using the franchise’s biscuits instead of English muffins and the signature Bob Evans sausage replacing Canadian bacon.

Unfortunately, the hollandaise sauce was weak. It spoiled the dish. In addition, the eggs were overcooked. Poached eggs are not difficult to make and for a breakfast place to not get it right speaks volumes. Interestingly, this is the first Eggs Benedict I have had since a thread over at Cooking Light a few months ago.

Cal Ripken looks like Tom Colicchio.

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