Dance Class

07-06-18 Dance Class

Our daughter is enrolled in dance class at the YMCA. She is growing up.

Mommy looks at this as a shopping opportunity, but I cautioned to wait to see how the other girls were dressed before the tutus were purchased. Good thing too, methinks.

I’ve said it before, but I love living in a community. There were five other girls who showed up for class; we knew three of them. Gracie attended Corson Park with Beetle, was in the Mommy & Me exercise group and swam with Beetle last year. Kyra is our neighbor and Beetle plays with her from time to time. Gabriella is the daughter of a lady I work with. Beetle had library class with her last summer. We like seeing the same people at these events.

As for dance class, well, it was not good. The first class was taught by a substitute (some teenager) who had no experience with little girls. Beetle is the youngest in the class and did not follow directions well at all. Mind you, the directions were not good. We are hopeful things improve next week.

There were stretches and attempts at twirling. Beetle is very good at twirling, but would not indulge us at class. Sigh . . . we pay for this.

Anyhow, I think Beetle enjoyed it and she will go back again next week. Perhaps the air conditioning will be more cooling than it was today.

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