Long Time Gone

07-06-19 Long Time Gone

Yes, it’s been a long time since we last updated. As I explain to some each year, the end of the school year is always hectic. Besides being exhausted from teaching, there are end-of-year routines and transitions from work-mode to family/vacation-mode.

Well, we have transitioned! Gert finished work last week. She went back to work 1 June and worked two weeks (with a couple days off) after having been off for a while due to Fritz‘s birth.

Beetle finished school on Friday. It was a bit anti-climatic as Little Acres is closing for good. There was a lot of turmoil (and turnover) this year and without telling us, the church decided to close up shop for good. It’s a good thing we have other plans for Beetle next year. Obviously, Fritz will need a different school in a couple years.

Today I finished work. I believe I calculated 76 days off now. Of course, it will be nothing of the sort. We will be busy this week preparing for Grammy Owens and Aunt Patty. There’s a lot to do around here. It isn’t just the blog that has been neglected. We will slip in a trip to Sesame Place on Thursday. Then Grammy and Aunt Patty arrive for a week for Fritz’s baptism.

Sigh, Fritz’s baptism has been a lesson in frustration. We still do not have the particulars ironed out as things were thrown up in the air last week and the priest has not contacted us yet. Grrrr . . .

Once July hits, we will be able to take a deep breath and relax . . . for a bit. I am heading back into the classroom after six years doing other things. There is a lot to do to get ready and I imagine by late July I will be immersed in lesson planning. And once August hits, it’ll be back to full-time teaching mode getting a classroom ready.

But we are planning a nice trip to Maryland to spend some time with Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike. In August we will see the Wiggles in Philadelphia. And then there are the children to play with all summer. If we become bored, there is still a garage and a basement that can be dealt with.

Now that time is less of an issue, perhaps we’ll (notice, we conjures more than one) get this blog back into good shape.

Happy summer everyone!

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