Millville Walking Tour

07-05-18 Millville Walking Tour Shutterspot

The shutterspot is now archived.

This shutterspot is designed to take you on a tour of historic Millville, NJ.

This shutterspot is set up differently than most; you are not provided photographs of the spot you need to find.


Rather, you need to find the locations of 18 other spots provided. At each spot there is a number for you to record. After you find each of the 18 numbers, simply add the numbers together to get a sum. Then use that sum to send an e-mail to: (ex: There is an auto-responder set up for the correct sum. The response you receive will reveal the location of the photographs of the spot you need to find to log a find on this listing.

For those without a connection to the ‘Net while in the field, there is a public library on Buck Street between Mulberry and Pine. If you are traveling from out of the area and the library is not an option, please let me know ahead of time and I can make myself available to verify the sum in another manner.

This spot has been designed to take you on a walking tour of Millville. Familiarity with the town will certainly help, but those who travel here specifically to find this spot are not at a disadvantage. Park downtown and begin your search. No particular order needs to be had and the clues below are in no specific order. At the end of the day, you will have walked quite a bit, I am sure.

All the locations you need to visit are within the area bordered by Sharp, Chestnut, Ireland (imagine the road continues across the river), 4th, Foundry, and Powell.


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3 thoughts on “Millville Walking Tour”

  1. This looks neat. I hope we have time to work on this next week – maybe Thursday or Sunday afternoon. I’ll bring my walking shoes.

  2. Unfortunately this spot had to be archived. Spot #2 on the tour has been rendered inaccessible in the name of redevelopment. Furthermore, the final spot to find once the first 18 were found has also been removed. Why? I do not know.

    The final was a special Star Wars mailbox at the post office. I gather they were only in place for a short period.

    flowers22 and my mother did complete the tour. I may revamp this one some day.

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