Another Perspective on FTF

My opinion of FTF is strong and unflappable.  Currently, there is a thread at Groundspeak delving into the issue.  No one has framed the issue quite as I have.  It has been an interesting read nonetheless.

Tonight my friend BOB has been posting new shutterspots.  Some of them are in Philadelphia.  He was here recently and logged my Game Board spot.

So, as I review these new spots and do the research I need to determine where I will need to go, it dawns on me that my excitement about new spots is independent of any FTF considerations.  It doesn’t matter if I am the first one to log these spots or the 43rd person to do so.  What is exciting is that I have new spots to hunt and presumably find.

Why isn’t that enough for others?  Is being second, 43rd, or some other finder than first different?  Is it better to be first?

BOB was the second finder of Game Board.  Does that make him any less of a finder?  I should think not.  He solved the spot differently than PLMerry did.  And that was different from how flowers22 solved it.  That she hasn’t logged it yet is just a function of distance.  All three solved the mystery and are equally recognized.  The first logger is no better than the second and will be no better than 43rd.  Each has to solve the mystery of the spot in order to log it.

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