Kugel Ball, Where Are You?

07-07-31 LCMI

40.243083 -75.285833

I finally made it to Lansdale, PA!

moose_is_loose was the owner of the original Kugel Ball locationless listing: Landsdale Has A Kugel Ball (sic). I always wanted to visit this as it isn’t too far from here. Five and one-half years later, I did.

I took Beetle out for an adventure to a really kewl playground. As we were going to do a shutterspot first, we went up the west side of Philly. As I learned, 476 has a major design flaw. One must move extremely to the right to go through the toll booth. The highway continues straight. Well, I never got my ticket for the NE Extension. When we got off at the first exit in Lansdale, the toll taker informed me they usually charge the full $18+ without a ticket. I pleaded my case and he let me off. Then he admitted folks do it all the time. Sheesh . . .

Anyhow, being in Lansdale, I decided to stop by and let my three-year old girl move the 2200-pound sphere. Interestingly, there is no signage whatsoever about the Kugel ball. We had our fun and took the obligatory photographs. I have now seen a Kugel ball.

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