Edwards’ Daughter Profits from News Corp.

John Edwards has a credibility problem. That does not bode well for a man who wants to be President of the United States.

The man who would be the most powerful ran away from a debate to be sponsored by Fox News. Then he called on all Democrats to return any campaign money raised from Fox News officials.

It did not take long to remind Mr. Edwards that he earned $500,000 from HarperCollins, a News Corp. subsidiary. Edwards has passed that off stating that he gave all that money to charity.

Now comes a report that Edwards received $300,000 in expenses for the book.  Licensing fees for photographs can be expensive.  But it turns out that is not all the expense account was used for.

HarperCollins paid portions of a $300,000 expense budget for the book to Edwards’s daughter and to a senior political aide, Jonathan Prince.

The would-be president is being squirmy with his boycott of Fox News.  He benefited from Rupert Murdoch’s company, his daughter profited, as did an aide of his.  Yet, no one he is running against is supposed to take a campaign contribution from the company and he will not appear on the network.

This is not a man who is demonstrating leadership qualities.  Should not a president be above this kind of politics?

Just curious, if elected, would President Edwards ban Fox News from covering the White House?

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