Excuse Me, My Lady

07-08-12 Excuse Me, My Lady

After a full day yesterday that produced a very uneven sleep (I was up all night after a couple hours of sleep), we had a mellower day today. We have been cleaning.

Mommy took Fritz shopping. He had a gift certificate and the fall wardrobe was purchased. Lots of very nice clothes are on the horizon for the little guy.

Beetle and I remained at home. We did some cleaning before we went outside. Beetle likes playing on the lawn. I weeded.

Once Mommy and Fritz came home, we gathered, looked at the goodies, and then prepared Fritz’s dinner, which included green beans. This was the first time he had them. Readers may recall Beetle’s experience with green beans. We wondered what Fritz’s reaction would be like. As one can see by the photographs, he appeared to like them! We did note the other day that he doesn’t seem to like peaches. That seems odd; we’ll have to attempt them again.

Beetle’s friend Nina had her birthday party today. She was not invited; we were not surprised. There were a handful of girls who attended. Nina is now 11, so there is a big age gap. They came outside to play. Beetle watched longingly from the living room. I felt for her. Beetle had been very helpful today and in a good mood so when the ice cream truck came by, I treated her to one. She liked that.

As Mommy prepared to give Fritz his bath, Beetle decided to help out. She dragged a chair from the dining room to the kitchen. Mommy was in the way, so Beetle asked her to move. She said:

Excuse me, my lady.

How cute!

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  1. I’ll bet Beetle would like home-made ice cream. Why don’t you break out your machine and show her how it’s done.


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