There Is Something Seriously Wrong Here

Former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli quit his 2002 re-election campaign as he was being flogged about his ethics. Yet, he still had more than a million dollars left in his campaign account.

Now five years later, it is found that Torricelli has been doling out this money to others.

Former Democratic U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli has spent almost $1 million from his campaign account since leaving Congress, giving money to people with influence over his or his clients’ business interests

How can this be legal?

Torricelli, who quite the 2002 Senate campaign amid ethical misconduct allegations, contributed $10,000 to the mayor of Trenton and his City Council candidates.

The donation was made as city agencies were reviewing an ultimately approved proposal by Torricelli to develop retail and office space in the city.

I didn’t think individuals were permitted to contribute that amount of money. I am certain someone with more knowledge of election laws will correct me.

The report also found Torricelli gave more than $40,000 to Nevada Democratic Party organizations and candidates linked to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Torricelli then began reaching out to Reid for the government of Taiwan, a client that had retained him for $15,000 a month. Torricelli contacted Reid to discuss Taiwan’s opposition to a new Chinese law that authorized force if Taiwan declared independence.

I know contributions to political parties are a way to get around the limits on the giving to one specific candidate.

All this money is money that you and I do not have. Why does Torricelli have it? The money was presumably contributed by folks who wanted Torricelli re-elected to the Senate five years ago. Why does he get to distribute it (for personal gain) for purposes of not running for Senate?

There is something seriously wrong here.

What should happen to the money? I am not quite certain. Perhaps it should be absorbed to help fund public elections. At least it would save the tax payers a couple bucks. All I know is that Torricelli should not be able to control this money now.

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