Corzine Bought Off Katz’s BIL

The saga of New Jersey Governor Corzine and Carla Katz, labor leader, continues. It wasn’t enough that Corzine bought Katz a house, paid tuition for her children, provided large sums of money, and conversed “privately” with his former lover during negotiations with her union. Now we find out that Katz’s brother-in-law was hired in the Corzine administration at the Turnpike Authority.

When Corzine was under fire early this year when it came out that there were other payments to Katz that had not been disclosed, he forced Rocco Riccio, Katz’s BIL, to leave state government. That apparently came with cash from the multi-millionaire’s pocket. The initial $10,000 was followed by another $5,000 this summer.

It certainly seems like this was a political pay-off. Granted, it did not come out of taxpayer funds (thankfully). A few questions I would like answered are:

  • How did Riccio get his job at the Turnpike Authority?
  • If the job was on the up-and-up, why was he forced to leave?
  • Should governors pay former subordinates’ mortgages?
  • Doesn’t paying the mortgage open the governor up to the very heat he sought to avoid by forcing Riccio to resign?
  • Will Corzine ever not misstep with anything related to Carla Katz?

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