Dragonflies & Bumblebees

39.5125 -75.141817

This geocache is now archived.

Back in August 2003 Gert and I paddled Parvin Lake. During the paddle, I placed this cache. The following day when I loaded the GPSr for a cache run, I accidentally overwrote the coordinates to the cache. D’oh!

As I wrote in the description I had planned:

Parvin State Park is our home forested area. There are a handful of good caches in the park, but not room for too many more given how the park is laid out. But there was one area right in the middle that was just calling for a cache. This cache seeks to put that to rest.

It took me a little bit, but I paddled back out and took new coordinates. By that time I had set up my own site. I decided to use this for a puzzle cache that I had hidden on the site. No one ever found it. I revamped the puzzle and made it much more obvious, but again, no one found it. This summer I decided to overhaul the cache in order to list it publicly. The idea at the time was to disguise the coordinates with a puzzle employing benchmarks and name it One of These Things Is Not Like the Other. I paddled out, swapped the container and added a new logsheet. I sat on the idea for a bit as I worked out some of the puzzle specifics.

During the dormant time, after more than five years of caching in this state park, someone else decided to place a cache (two actually) on the lake. Go figure. He who hesitates is lost. Unlike what I wrote in 2003, folks have found room for plenty more caches in this park. Who knew?

Now four years later, I am going to share this cache without any front-end disguises. Go to this location, find the cache, log in, and claim your find. Old school.

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